I’m a documentary photographer and my work is about how form, colour and light are used within architecture and public space and how this effects the perception of the space. I portray spaces where we live, work and recreate. I use photography to document spaces that show how they are constructed for our needs.

They are made for us humans. But I feel that, because of economical and technological reasons, they sometimes lack a sense of humanism. We enormously trust that technology will change everything, but we blindly have the faith that our morals, our behaviour will never change.

Since I moved from a little town to a large city, my perspective changed. The city was overwhelming with size, shapes and colours. I came to realise that a space interacts with my emotions and I started to follow that path.

The city and landscape are constantly in movement and development. I try to understand why my surroundings look the way they look.

I try to research why these surroundings change and ask what it does with the perception and what it does with me.

We have no control on how the environment looks or feels. The government has planned every planted tree, every stone and every object within public space. Architecture isn’t only objects; they shape and give meaning to our surroundings. It’s something that we can touch, smell, hear and experience.

Architecture shouldn’t be focused on the ego of its maker but instead should be more focused on the emotion of the passer-by, it’s user. Every choice that is made creates a different kind of experience of a space. I want to question these decisions. For every choice there could have been a different one. I want to ask the viewer if this is the way forward, because for me, the way forward isn’t always the way forward

2009 – 2014 Royal Academy of Art
The Hague, NL
Documentary Photography
2012 – 2013 Researchlab – Artistic research
Royal Academy of Art. The Hague, nl
By Corinne Noordenbos and Hans Scholten
One semester
2012 Marie josé Jongerius
Helvoirt, NL
One semester
2011 Erasmus Exchange Program
University of Wales, Newport
Caerleon, Wales
Conceptual documentary photography
One semester
2005 – 2009 Koning Willem 1 College
‘s Hertogenbosch
AV-productie Photography
Solo exhibitions

2016 – Most Efficient, Bunker Waterkant. The Hague, NL
2015 – #DCDDDE, Museum night Delft. Delft, NL

Selected group exhibitions

2016 – Young Art Night, Van Abbemuseum. Eindhoven, NL
2015 – YIPart 2015, Auction house Christies. Amsterdam, NL
2015 – Art The Hague, PrintFactory vs A Gallery Named Sue. The Hague,NL
2015 – Green 14 watt, De Vitrine. The Hague, NL
2014 – Art The Hague presented by A Gallery Named Sue. The Hague, NL
2014 – Fantastic Unknown Presents: 5, Haagse Kunstkring. The Hague, NL
2014 – Graduation show, Royal Academy of Art. The Hague, NL
2013 – Making Culture, A-side B-side Gallery. London, UK
2013 – FotoFilmic’13, Positive Negative Gallery. Vancouver, CA
2013 – Expo LOOK, Ypsilon Park. The Hague, NL
2012 – 100 Years of Newport Photography Exhibition. Newport, UK
2012 – Expo VERSUS, Creatief warenhuis HOOP. The Hague, NL
2011 – SHIFT a Photography Exhibition, Jacobs Market. Cardiff, UK


2014 – Unseen Dummy Award nomination. Amsterdam, NL
2013 – FotoFilmic’13, 1st place beau photo prize. Vancouver, CA
2010 – GeldersNieuwsFoto, (Nominated) Jury prize. Arnhem, NL
2010 – GeldersNieuwsFoto, Children’s jury prize. Arnhem, NL
2010 – GeldersNieuwsFoto, Public prize. Arnhem, NL
2010 – GeldersNieuwsFoto, Category prize. Arnhem, NL


– The Dutch House of Representatives Art Collection. The Hague, NL
– Several private collections across the Netherlands.

Contributions / catalogues

2017 – Rooilijn Magazine. Amsterdam, NL
2014 – KABK graduates 2014 catalogue. The Hague, NL
2014 – The Fantastic Unknown catalogue. The Hague, NL
2013 – Fotofilmic’13 exhibition catalogue. Vancouver, CA
2013 – Expo LOOK exhibition catalogue. The Hague, NL
2013 – The Lost Prairie Vol. 1. booklet featuring ‘Grids for Living’. Bristol, UK
2012 – Expo VERSUS exhibition catalogue. The Hague, NL
2012 – The Lost Prairie. Small booklet featuring ‘#DCDDDE’. Bristol, UK

Film and collaboration
2017 – Director of Photography
Baril Coatings
Promotional video. Vianden, LX and ‘s-Hertohenbosch, NL
2017 – Director
Lyrical music video. Boxtel, NL
2017 – Director
Small Room Recordings presents Leif de Leeuw Band
Live performance video. Schijndel, NL
2017 – Lighting
Dag Max
A short film Wouter van de Watering. Bergen op zoom, NL
2017 – Director
Copperant – De groenste verf van Nederland
Promotional video. ‘s-Hertogenbosch, NL
2016 – Director
Barbershop Wamel Promo
Promotional video. Wamel, NL
2016 – Director
Small Room Recordings presents Joia
Live performance video. Schijndel, NL
2015 – Lighting
A short film by Pim Christian. Amsterdam, NL
2015 – Director
Small Room Recordings presents Fahrenheit Twins.
Live performance video. Schijndel, NL
2014 – Director of Photography
A film by Patrick van den Heuvel. ‘s-Hertogenbosch,  NL
2013 – Cameraman
WWF Earth Hour concert: Akoestisch bij kaarslicht
A live concert registration. Eindhoven, NL